Thank you Schanks! And you’re in good company.

So many great people in our community are helping to promote our efforts to find 100 men in 100 days to become Big Brothers.  Having a mentor as a kid can make a BIG difference. Special thanks today to Dave Gillis and his team over at Schanks, for spreading the word.  schanks

Movie and music star Jamie Foxx will appear in Public Service Announcements this year in support of mentoring.  As a child, his grandmother and other adults served as his role models. Grammy Award winning artist EVE links her inspiring new single from her upcoming album, “Make It Out This Town,” to Big Brothers Big Sisters’ effectiveness in helping children who face adversity beat the odds. Former Little Brother Darrin Smith, a two-time Super Bowl champion who earned his MBA before going to the NFL, encourages alumni “Bigs” and “Littles” to re-engage with the organization as donors or volunteers.  Recently, even the characters of the hit TV show NCIS talked about this work, with Special Agent Timothy McGee becoming a Big Brother.

Closer to home, we’ve enjoyed the support of so many in Edmonton and Area, including Mr. Wayne Gretzky, former NFL’er Kamau Peterson, and very soon, Global Edmonton’s 6:00 News co-anchor, Carole Anne Devaney.  If they have time, perhaps you do too?  You won’t regret it.

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